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The place for discussing any problems or topics about the GrandMA 2 product series. 
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MA2 | command to select an executor when active by thomasmerl 1 05/31/2024 10:20AM
Last Post by thomasmerl
MA2 LINUX INSTALL DISTRO FROM PC(?) Attachments by AntonioLucess 1 05/08/2024 12:08AM
Last Post by AntonioLucess
Need fixture profile Chauvet DJ Shocker Panel FX by Jomarlamaquina 1 05/07/2024 10:28PM
Last Post by Jomarlamaquina
MA2 filtered selection by lightismagic 3 04/09/2024 06:11PM
Last Post by lightismagic
Image texture of 3D Modell is falsely rotated by r_studio6 2 04/08/2024 02:32PM
Last Post by Rex
StageView Follow Mode by Horatis 1 04/03/2024 05:47AM
Last Post by Horatis
grandMA2 NPU default password by marlonGrandMAhoo 1 02/16/2024 08:04AM
Last Post by marlonGrandMAhoo
grandMA2 NPU insert boot media by marlonGrandMAhoo 1 02/16/2024 08:02AM
Last Post by marlonGrandMAhoo
Huge Showfile by Lychttechnikerin 1 02/08/2024 07:43PM
Last Post by Lychttechnikerin
onPC Command wing vs Parallels with M2 processor Attachments by David Kachlir 1 01/26/2024 10:30AM
Last Post by David Kachlir
About #28 Error Message Occurs by soulmate0426 1 01/25/2024 11:34AM
Last Post by soulmate0426
large xml cuelist by justinpma 6 12/28/2023 02:30PM
Last Post by Rex
Robe Spiider ledPixel by AntonioLucess 4 12/20/2023 11:07PM
Last Post by MarkvanderMeulen
Free PosiStageNet Joystick Server - TrakLord :) by hippy 6 12/12/2023 04:28AM
Last Post by ethiop@icloud.com
Startup Macro and correct CMD Keywords Attachments by mike.staa 1 12/09/2023 01:56PM
Last Post by mike.staa
Rotation in stage view by Lychttechnikerin 1 12/06/2023 12:00PM
Last Post by Lychttechnikerin
Please Please functionality, select all parameters - how to realize this in a macro by Uli_F 2 11/28/2023 11:52AM
Last Post by loulou
DMX remote Flash button not working on all screens by MF-VT 1 11/26/2023 05:24PM
Last Post by MF-VT
Simply put dimmer and Rgb to 4 faders by Strohmaier-t 3 11/24/2023 09:27AM
Last Post by Strohmaier-t
Creating multiply macros by SirSimon 4 11/21/2023 02:00PM
Last Post by aerian
how to load the last show by aerian 3 11/21/2023 01:23PM
Last Post by aerian
Bitmapping by luisvfre 1 11/21/2023 12:57AM
Last Post by luisvfre
how to export/import exec page by justinpma 2 11/20/2023 06:50AM
Last Post by justinpma
Same Patch, Different sACN Priority, Constant Collisions (Not Sessions Collisions) by Jhayes22 4 11/11/2023 02:42PM
Last Post by Jhayes22
white background by wb 7 11/07/2023 07:01PM
Last Post by wb
Patching new fixtures - no parameters?? by tayreaus 3 11/07/2023 12:48AM
Last Post by tayreaus
Enable Touch and Hold or Multi-Touch? (MA2 onPC) by nateolson13 1 11/03/2023 07:42PM
Last Post by nateolson13
Little problem with conversion GDTF -> MA2 by flashpro 1 11/02/2023 02:00AM
Last Post by flashpro
How do you install Grandma2 mode On GrandMa 3 console? by HarryHatchet 2 10/31/2023 08:37AM
Last Post by MarkvanderMeulen
Fixture Profile - Moving Head Wash ST-1915Y by cnasc 1 10/29/2023 11:15PM
Last Post by cnasc
Export Images by ZaneBlanchard 3 10/29/2023 05:51PM
Last Post by MarkvanderMeulen
Ma2 Node no output by marlonpdm 2 10/23/2023 10:10AM
Last Post by MarkvanderMeulen
DMX noise, lights doing random things by SBCS 3 10/10/2023 03:12PM
Last Post by Pago
Importing Vectorworks to MA on PC by DJPowell 6 09/27/2023 09:01AM
Last Post by wjbiii
change layout view when pushing ExecButton by Philadou 7 09/25/2023 06:58PM
Last Post by zakkbeard
How to get copied exe to mirror original by DannyCaine 4 09/25/2023 06:54PM
Last Post by zakkbeard
FX weird by justinpma 4 09/21/2023 05:33PM
Last Post by zakkbeard
VPU dongle for sale. by JonLX 1 09/21/2023 08:13AM
Last Post by JonLX
DS Wash "lock" by DannyCaine 2 09/11/2023 11:02PM
Last Post by zakkbeard
How to change high low preset in exec by justinpma 6 09/09/2023 03:28AM
Last Post by justinpma
Condition operation by czr27 2 08/28/2023 08:48PM
Last Post by zakkbeard
How to print sequence sheet? by marlonpdm 1 08/25/2023 08:13AM
Last Post by marlonpdm
executor priority and off on overwrite by Bentzile1 1 08/24/2023 05:15PM
Last Post by Bentzile1
Command to get fixture's dimmer as a variable by czr27 3 08/21/2023 12:27AM
Last Post by czr27
Command Line Set Desklock Image by robk82 8 08/20/2023 11:45PM
Last Post by glad
command to set all dmx value to 0 by justinpma 4 08/20/2023 03:33PM
Last Post by christof
Login issue executors by speedyg 3 08/14/2023 09:48PM
Last Post by speedyg
iPhone&iPad cannot remote conect to ma2 by latrix 3 07/22/2023 04:36AM
Last Post by KonsMihaluch
How to delete presets? After ClearAll, colours active by Diekkieker 3 07/11/2023 11:22AM
Last Post by Diekkieker
How to use Macro to lock the console Attachments by fanessa 1 07/09/2023 07:10AM
Last Post by fanessa