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The place for discussing any problems or topics about the GrandMA 2 product series.
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How to get copied exe to mirror original by DannyCaine 3 09/24/2023 12:43AM
Last Post by DannyCaine
change layout view when pushing ExecButton by Philadou 5 09/22/2023 02:30PM
Last Post by kore
FX weird by justinpma 4 09/21/2023 05:33PM
Last Post by zakkbeard
VPU dongle for sale. by JonLX 1 09/21/2023 08:13AM
Last Post by JonLX
Export Images by ZaneBlanchard 1 09/14/2023 04:00AM
Last Post by ZaneBlanchard
DS Wash "lock" by DannyCaine 2 09/11/2023 11:02PM
Last Post by zakkbeard
How to change high low preset in exec by justinpma 6 09/09/2023 03:28AM
Last Post by justinpma
Condition operation by czr27 2 08/28/2023 08:48PM
Last Post by zakkbeard
How to print sequence sheet? by marlonpdm 1 08/25/2023 08:13AM
Last Post by marlonpdm
executor priority and off on overwrite by Bentzile1 1 08/24/2023 05:15PM
Last Post by Bentzile1
Creating multiply macros by SirSimon 2 08/21/2023 08:43AM
Last Post by MarkvanderMeulen
Command to get fixture's dimmer as a variable by czr27 3 08/21/2023 12:27AM
Last Post by czr27
Command Line Set Desklock Image by robk82 8 08/20/2023 11:45PM
Last Post by glad
command to set all dmx value to 0 by justinpma 4 08/20/2023 03:33PM
Last Post by christof
Login issue executors by speedyg 3 08/14/2023 09:48PM
Last Post by speedyg
iPhone&iPad cannot remote conect to ma2 by latrix 3 07/22/2023 04:36AM
Last Post by KonsMihaluch
How to delete presets? After ClearAll, colours active by Diekkieker 3 07/11/2023 11:22AM
Last Post by Diekkieker
How to use Macro to lock the console Attachments by fanessa 1 07/09/2023 07:10AM
Last Post by fanessa
How to select a color from the filter in the store menu and save it separately Attachments by fanessa 7 07/07/2023 12:04PM
Last Post by fanessa
Texture issues Attachments by Azorty 2 06/30/2023 06:46PM
Last Post by Rex
Ignoring Pixels in effects by piano66 1 06/27/2023 07:59PM
Last Post by piano66
Can not find session to join. by maizx2003 1 06/14/2023 04:53PM
Last Post by maizx2003
Mixing MaNet, sACN and/or ArtNet by UriAK 2 06/06/2023 08:38PM
Last Post by zakkbeard
MA3D Dimming Curve by morlin3 1 05/29/2023 04:47PM
Last Post by morlin3
Get value of SM by jzbdski 2 05/29/2023 04:31PM
Last Post by glad
Read level of exec or of channel by jzbdski 1 05/26/2023 01:42AM
Last Post by jzbdski
Macro Command in Cue with *. by CW 3 05/25/2023 05:55PM
Last Post by CW
MA3D fixture not behave like on real live from external artnet input Attachments by sonevil 2 05/25/2023 02:06AM
Last Post by Rex
Unable to change GMA3 8port node IP address - Mode 2 by Moosetek 2 05/20/2023 08:06PM
Last Post by T1m_Waclawek
Fixture problem with global TILT (Sweep bar) by mayrsound 1 05/19/2023 11:48AM
Last Post by mayrsound
selection order on a sequence by Bentzile1 2 05/19/2023 07:49AM
Last Post by kore
MA2 on pc Windows connect MIDI to Qlab Apple by Nadiabek 2 05/16/2023 02:51PM
Last Post by Nadiabek
problem after PSR initialize Attachments by padabear 1 05/14/2023 09:43AM
Last Post by padabear
Martin Mac Aura XB ext fan control by Sander 2 05/13/2023 11:57AM
Last Post by kore
Hide Commands by grandMI 2 05/08/2023 02:33PM
Last Post by bullock
Syntax for adding fixture to Sequence by Koideg 2 05/08/2023 02:31PM
Last Post by bullock
How to add a non MA DMX node to an MA2 session? by Rex 4 04/20/2023 12:24AM
Last Post by Nav
Midi not responding to notes above 12 to change cues by bavera1 2 04/19/2023 03:20AM
Last Post by bavera1
Executor page layout by Dimmer dude 2 04/18/2023 01:41PM
Last Post by zakkbeard
MA3D now limited? by RKHCKP 1 04/17/2023 03:11PM
Last Post by RKHCKP
I cant import XMLP to library by Sophya 4 04/14/2023 04:06PM
Last Post by Rex
Need help by Horatis 2 04/14/2023 08:17AM
Last Post by Koideg
Missing import plugin for MA3d by Yiannis 4 04/07/2023 10:49PM
Last Post by 19stuberd
Symmetrical circle referencing presets - HOW? by kore 8 04/06/2023 11:40AM
Last Post by kore
Screen calibration ( MA2 under MA3 console ) by mccready00 1 04/04/2023 05:09PM
Last Post by mccready00
Executor to blackout a group of fixtures - effect still overrides by cbfs 5 04/04/2023 01:49PM
Last Post by MarkvanderMeulen
Speed Master - Effects. by focho 1 04/03/2023 08:32PM
Last Post by focho
TimeCode Window and layers of sequences. by mccready00 1 04/02/2023 11:59AM
Last Post by mccready00
Looking for fixture profile for Bombastic 3000 by ando 1 04/02/2023 10:12AM
Last Post by ando
[HELP] Fixtures not illuminating by jcalor 1 03/31/2023 09:18PM
Last Post by jcalor