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Resolume Arena 6 GMA2 Fixture Profile
January 19, 2018 09:45PM
Hey Guys/Gals,
I had one of my clients spend a week with me setting up a tour to be ran off the GMA2 console.
Typically, I would just patch about 25 Dimmers and do a custom map. This LD had a rather unique style of programming and was having some difficulties getting the Dimmer approach to work.
So, I decided to build a custom Resolume Arena Version 6 Profile for the GMA2.

As you probably know, not everyone has the same mindset and workflow as everyone else. So, this setup is not going to work for everyone. But, I think It will work for many.
IMO, if you're running a video show off a Lighting Desk, you probably don't need all the bells and whistles that a typical VJ would need.
This profile is geared towards more of a Playback type of setup.
The profile is built with 6 content layers (in a group), and 2 layers in a group above the content for strobes and Chases.
If you need much more than this, I think you are at the level in your career to start building your own profiles :)
This is simply a generic playback template that will get LD's up and running in a matter of a few seconds.
Anything beyond that, and well, you might need to invest into a Video Tech ;)

I've had 3 LD's test this profile and feel that it is pretty easy to understand and navigate.
If I left anything crucial out, please let me know and I'll see what I can do about updating it.
What I won't be doing is taking requests for additions.
If you really need something added, I would challenge you to dig into the GMA2 and build your own or modify this fixture and rename it as a different "Mode".
If you want to play around with it and try to figure it out, you can download MAonPC for free here:
And can use this application to build your own fixture profile as well.

Notes on this fixture profile:

You will NEED Resolume Arena Version 6.0.4 or newer, otherwise your Deck Selection will not work.

In order for the Chaser layer to work, you will need to download and install the Chaser plugin:
Otherwise that layer will do nothing but play a solid color.
**Chaser is a must have for all my shows, and I challenge you to give it a shot (Shameless Plug Is Over haha)**

I setup 2 FX for the composition. A Hue Rotate so LD's can do quick color changes, and a B&W Toggle (Saturation set to 0)

There are 2 blank "Spacer" channels at the end of the profile to give the fixture profile an even 40 channel number.
Those 2 blank "Spacer" channels are currently mapped to the Compositions Dashboard Knobs 7 & 8. Feel free to move those mapping in Resolume to whatever you like to give yourself 2 more channels if needed.

You'll need to add the Composition, DMX Mapping.xml, and the Advanced Output files into your Resolume 6 Documents folder, then open the Composition, Select the new DMX Mapping in your shortcuts menu, and then select the new Advanced Output mapping file and make changes suited to your application after the import.

I'd love to hear some feedback on this, to take notes for future releases.

Hope this helps a few people out.


LINK: [www.dropbox.com]
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