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Re: dim sin effect
May 12, 2019 01:48PM

not 100% sure, but as far as I can see your idea seems logically impossible and might just be simulated with compromises:
Imagine the sin circle at the moment where fixture 1 (left row, first line) is at 100%: Left fixture in second row dims down, while right fixture in second row dims up. What should the fixture in the middle row do exactly at this time?

You can try to program this, but I think what your middle row does will look ugly...

You can program two effects, one for left and middle row and one for right and middle row, with blocks or groups that bring the middle row to follow the outside one, store them on two executors, assign htp and start them together e.g. with a macro. Play along with the phases of the two effects
(one should be negative) until your outside circle is good.
Now you will find that the middle row will look like snapping a little bit if the two effects are overlayed.
For playing along with this idea you might first use form chase or, if you use sine, put the low value to a high negative value (e.g.-100), so you can see the peaks better for adjusting your effects.

At this point you should decide what is more important:

a clean circle for the outer rows, with ugly behavior of the middle row
exact mirroring in the middle row of the outside rows; in this case your circle could have a small pause in the middle until the fixtures are at 0 (or nearby). This will end in a sine line up for the left two rows followed by a sine line down of the right two rows.

Play along with both ways and find what is best for your purpose. Maybe something in between looks good, with a small pause between the two sine lines (which is not really visible), that makes the "snapping" in the middle a little bit softer...
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