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Manual Fade to some Executors
January 15, 2021 07:33PM
Hey guys,

I'm kind of new to MA. I did some shows with gma 1 and 2 in some venues. My company is also working in some theaters in Germany. Most of my shows are pre programmed and I really feel good in this situations. But when it comes to live performing I really need to get better. Thats why I wanted to get me a basic setup for one of our theaters. There are some basic TourLEDs, some moving head wash and some moving head spots (generics of course, but thats not important right now^^)

So the idea was to create some basic color presets that I like to use and that I want to choose from. I created a sequence for each fixture type; each sequence has got six cues with just color parameters. So I can choose different colors for different fixture types. I put those sequences on action buttons. The button is set to "go to". When I hit the button I see all my cues in a bigger list on the screen and can choose the colors that I like. This is working just great.

The problem: I really would like to change all cues at the same time: TourLEDs and Washes are set to green. Spots are set to white. I would like to change this f.e. for next music part or next song: TourLEDs and washes to blue, spots to cyan. So I need to change three cues in the three corresponding sequences. I need to do those changes one at a time and I don't want the changes directly to happen. When everything is set up correctly, I wanna hit something like a "go" button or do a manual fade (with any fader). After hitting / while fading the color change shall be executed.
I hope, you understand what I'm trying to do. :D

I thought that I could achive this color change with the "exec time master". Normally I have just set a fade time (via set time) and thats working well to all the executers just like it should be. I thought that when I set the fader to do a "manual XFade" that it would to the changes in all my changed executors. The fader even shows me how many executors are changed. But this is not working as expected.
1. When I select an executor to respond to the master section, this one fades to the cue that was set via "go to".
2. All of the other executors that have been set up via "go to" are just fading into the next cue in the sequence list. They don't fade into the cue, which was chosen via "go to".
3. When no executor is selected, they also just fade into the next cue and ignore the "go to".

Fun fact: when I put the button just to "go", choose the next cue in the really small list and then move the "exec time master" (set to manual XFade), everything is working out just as expected. So my way of thinking can't be that wrong, can it?

I really hope that you understand me and my situation. Maybe I dont understand the "go to" option? Maybe anyone of you has the same situation but a complete different solution? I'm looking forward to your replies and ideas.

Thanks in advance and kind regards,
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