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Fixtures not showing in Stage view
September 30, 2021 04:13AM
I've created a few fixture profiles in MA2 onPC. The profiles work fine for control of the lights, but i've noticed that the fixtures don't show up in stage view. I see the fixtures in the fixture sheet and can control everything from there.

I've made sure that I'm giving the fixture actual dimensions so they show up, but I still get nothing in stage view.

This only seems to happen with fixtures I create in the actual MA2 onPC software. If I create a fixture manually or use fixture builder, the fixtures show up in stage view fine.

Just wondering what I'm doing wrong and how I can go about fixing it. I'd like to create more fixtures on the console but I want to get this figured out before i move forward.

Any help would be appreciated.
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Fixtures not showing in Stage view altlighting September 30, 2021 04:13AM
Re: Fixtures not showing in Stage view MarkvanderMeulen September 30, 2021 08:08AM

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