October 17, 2021 12:41AM
I'm in this situation.
Preset 0.1 contains fixtures 1,2 and 3. Used many times in sequence 1. In this preset, I clone fixtures 1 and 3 to fixtures 11 and 13. I edit the preset, make it look as I wish. Now I need to update the sequence.

clone fixture 1 + 3 at fixture 11 + 13 if seq 1

just clones every fixture 1 and 3 values to fixture 11 and 13, it also clones fixture 11 and 13 into presets I don't need them to be in. I just need to update cues where preset 0.1 sets values for these fixtures.

If I try something like

search preset 0.1 if seq 1
clone fixture 1 + 3 at fixture 11 + 13 if searchresult

there is no cloning done in the sequence. Is search and searchresult a way to achieve my goal?

Safe and working way to do this is probably

clone fixture 1 + 3 at fixture 11 + 13 if cue 2 thru 3

but I'm trying to figure out more versatile macro.

I hope this makes sense for someone.

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Clone and searchresult pan_ilford October 17, 2021 12:41AM

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