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Sphere LED Ball
December 08, 2016 05:42PM
Try this profile. I've embedded custom geometry of an actual sphere that illuminates with the DIM subattribute[Dimmer] from this supplied XML profile and Translates in the Z vector with the Control Position preset provided.

Also, it has included within the geometry object the 'MovingPath' axis helper objects that cause the Translation of the object i MA3D. I gave it all 3 vectors of Translation[X,Y,Z], seemingly from this type of object it only moves in the Z axis and only DOWN from what I read in the profile. The object is created to follow the profile. I merely edited the subattribute to point to the MP_TR_Z axis helper in the geometry. This is why the supplied fixture did not move with the control inputs, it had no MP_TR_Z axis helper in the stock desk generated model.

Patch in this fixtureType.
Select Fixture
Control--Unlock[or Unlock2-don't get that function set?] This is the 3rd encoder-far right.
Control--Max Bottom Position= object moves DOWN
Control--Max Top Position= object moves UP to where it's 'trim' was. Seemingly you would place this object at it's actual trim height in 3D space per the design and then it only moves DOWN from there.

The algorithm for how far it moves with the DMX value...roll yer own, mate....

Good luck!
open | download - lmg@spheres@8_channel.xml (32.2 KB)
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