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Storing Instances Question by Jbmckenzie 2 05/14/2021 12:56PM
Last Post by bentoylight
macro to import cuelist from Excel by tobydennis 4 05/01/2021 02:48AM
Last Post by DaleT
Extract a Single Level by Jackmill1 1 03/28/2021 11:35PM
Last Post by Jackmill1
fixturetype macro by klann1m 1 03/18/2021 04:02AM
Last Post by klann1m
Countdown timer by lior319 2 02/21/2021 05:32PM
Last Post by scoobytoobins
Effect Width Fader by takumizero2 4 02/12/2021 07:37AM
Last Post by MarkvanderMeulen
Stop / activate AutoSave by abc 4 01/26/2021 08:23PM
Last Post by aerian
Adding attributes by Vladislav 1 01/24/2021 01:29PM
Last Post by Vladislav
Take Selection on FX by maxrahier31 2 01/18/2021 01:47PM
Last Post by scoobytoobins
Edit effects on the fly by RonniBang 2 01/15/2021 05:28PM
Last Post by bentoylight
Assign Group with Mode = Additive by johnF 3 12/25/2020 04:26PM
Last Post by johnF
Effect by XIaoLe 2 12/15/2020 01:37PM
Last Post by scoobytoobins
Effect Wing by XIaoLe 6 12/04/2020 05:00PM
Last Post by scoobytoobins
macro symbol by XIaoLe 3 11/30/2020 07:36PM
Last Post by bentoylight
edit effect lines through macros by ah 16 11/27/2020 05:23PM
Last Post by XIaoLe
zoom fit in the macro layout? by mflte_mflight 2 10/29/2020 10:25AM
Last Post by bentoylight
setvar using Object Name by SaraW.LGN 2 10/19/2020 07:18AM
Last Post by jabadger
Update Delays in the list cues after PSR and / or Clone Attachments by mflte_mflight 9 10/13/2020 11:25PM
Last Post by mflte_mflight
Conditional not to execute a line Attachments by mflte_mflight 3 10/13/2020 10:51PM
Last Post by mflte_mflight
Macro to create Agena appointment. by robk82 2 09/05/2020 02:20PM
Last Post by glad
Macro to create sequence by cat5dmx 5 08/18/2020 05:19PM
Last Post by cat5dmx
Dividing Fixtures by Mazzl 3 07/24/2020 02:53PM
Last Post by bentoylight
Macro for Using Midi Encoders Attachments by Pichi 28 05/21/2020 01:37PM
Last Post by ray_tseng
Running Macro lines depending on multible variables by schackert 2 05/19/2020 03:20PM
Last Post by glad
Readout Speedmaster to variable by Steveax 2 05/18/2020 03:37PM
Last Post by Ryan Kanarek
Effet /speed as a variable by sylvavio 3 05/13/2020 08:36AM
Last Post by sylvavio
load if? by rchrdprks 2 05/09/2020 01:12PM
Last Post by F Dijkers
Last Post by glad
Macro create macro different lines by JohanRivera 3 05/04/2020 04:16AM
Last Post by JohanRivera
Selfix macro for current and next cue by Mabarbe 3 05/01/2020 06:38PM
Last Post by Mabarbe
Switching fader pages across different users by Vonder 2 04/28/2020 03:48PM
Last Post by scoobytoobins
Clone effect by 42Lightcrew 5 04/24/2020 07:34PM
Last Post by scoobytoobins
Macro which creates a macro line //solved by bennistrati 3 04/20/2020 11:07PM
Last Post by moe torola
How to invert gobo pos and rot in macro? Encoder invert by kkaji 4 04/16/2020 02:45AM
Last Post by Ryan Kanarek
DELETE SEQUENCES by RUSANMA 7 04/14/2020 10:15PM
Last Post by bentoylight
macro of sequence by jacklightwave 6 03/31/2020 09:05PM
Last Post by reade
store option as variable by traguss 3 03/31/2020 03:07PM
Last Post by traguss
Temporary Store Option by Atom Sphere 4 03/31/2020 11:52AM
Last Post by Atom Sphere
Effect Editor - add line by haypro 2 03/23/2020 03:18PM
Last Post by scoobytoobins
Update Marco for new Preset Content by Benni 2 03/22/2020 09:15PM
Last Post by scoobytoobins
copy macro in a macro? by MassimoSt 3 03/21/2020 06:59PM
Last Post by MarkvanderMeulen
Target next cue by Calle 4 03/13/2020 08:19PM
Last Post by Moe696
Macro lines by faderman 3 03/13/2020 04:48PM
Last Post by faderman
fade macro Attachments by juju512 6 03/09/2020 07:46PM
Last Post by scoobytoobins
Equation to divide BPM by 2 by ceddylee 5 03/05/2020 03:43PM
Last Post by scoobytoobins
Timecode autostart on by RUSANMA 1 03/04/2020 06:49PM
Last Post by RUSANMA
Help making macro select layout image by Marco19 1 03/03/2020 08:05PM
Last Post by Marco19
cue/Trigtime by Mr.jiang 2 02/24/2020 04:21PM
Last Post by scoobytoobins
Need help with a macro creation by ceddylee 2 02/22/2020 01:46PM
Last Post by glad
Possible To Change Dimmer Color By Command Line? by omgstfu 7 02/12/2020 06:09PM
Last Post by Jakojiki