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How does RDM auto-patch work in gMA2 onPC?
December 01, 2020 01:34PM
Hi all,

I am not really a light designer ( so I don't think I'll ever learn grandMA2 properly :) ); just need to use gMA2 for some debugging, and am currently using grandMA2 onPC + gMA3 onPC 2Port Node 2k.

So, I start from an empty showfile; then click in onPC: Setup/Patch & Fixture Schedule; add a new layer (although gMA2 onPC mostly prompts me immediately to create one) - call it "test"; in the Fixture Wizard showing up next, I choose "2 Dimmer 00" (which I think is a built-in gMA2 virtual fixture); I keep Quantity at 1, and hit Apply at the Fixture Wizard, which then takes me to EditSetup window - and all this is simply to have gMA2 start DMX and RDM output (took me a while to figure out, that onPC does not send DMX/RDM, unless there is at least 1 fixture in Patch & Fixture Schedule).

Then, I have a single fixture connected to the Node, and it gets discovered by RDM soon after.

So, back to the EditSetup Window, I click on RDM Devices button at the bottom - and I click on the discovered fixture, click Auto-Patch - and gMA2 onPC responds with: "Warning - No RDM Fixture selected." (see attached gma2_RDM_Auto_Patch.gif).

This warning message confuses me - because I had clearly clicked on the RDM Fixture (note bright blue background of the RDM UID field on screenshot), which I consider to be "selecting" the RDM Fixture - and yet, I get "No RDM Fixture selected."?! And unfortunately, seemingly no-one on the Internet ever typed the sentence "No RDM Fixture selected.", so I cannot really read up on it.

PS: I guess this might to do with the red exclamation in front of "RDM DMX Address" (1.001), which is then "unequal" to "MA2 Patch Address" (-); unfortunately looking up "MA2 Patch Address" on the Internet gives me nothing. ... and there is also the same exclamation mark for "RDM DMX Footprint", which does not match the "MA2 FixtureType Footprint".

All I want is, to "automatically" place this fixture, that was found over RDM, in the Patch & Fixture Schedule window - replacing the initial "2 Dimmer 00" fixture I had placed, just to have the system output DMX/RDM. Is this possible to do, and if so - how do I do that?

Thanks in advance for any answers!

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How does RDM auto-patch work in gMA2 onPC? Attachments sdbbs December 01, 2020 01:34PM
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