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Discuss and share Lua Scripting and grandMA2 Plugins.
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Sticky Lua Tips&Tricks by glad 18,442 20 07/27/2022 12:48AM
Last Post by speedyg
Sticky Sharing of Lua Scripts and Plugins. by glad 14,956 1 06/13/2015 10:35AM
Last Post by glad
View creation with preset pool index number by WillyBsm 485 5 09/21/2023 07:31PM
Last Post by J_M_Lutra
"Scrolling" a pool to a specific index by J_M_Lutra 44 1 09/12/2023 11:02AM
Last Post by J_M_Lutra
presets to cue list Attachments by wb 6,481 37 06/30/2023 10:13PM
Last Post by wb
Force universal mode by WillyBsm 123 1 06/24/2023 03:00PM
Last Post by WillyBsm
assign /cmd= ' ' and/or " " ? by abc 181 1 05/24/2023 10:39PM
Last Post by abc
MidiFeedbackLoop for APCmini MK2 Attachments by WolfgangHessert 590 3 02/24/2023 09:58AM
Last Post by Hiyzgool
Password in the show file!! by mflte_mflight 503 1 01/17/2023 02:02PM
Last Post by mflte_mflight
What is table:recycle mean? by Hansen 267 3 12/06/2022 12:31PM
Last Post by Hansen
GroupBuilder & Presets to Cuelist by Techniker97 866 3 11/13/2022 03:40PM
Last Post by Techniker97
Retrieve the mode of buttons exec 1,2 and 3 by WillyBsm 450 2 10/27/2022 07:16PM
Last Post by speedyg
Layout assign commands by EgidiusM 1,704 4 10/21/2022 04:26PM
Last Post by leonreucher251
My Free LUA for GrandMA course is now available on YouTube by jonas.peeck 1,300 2 10/03/2022 02:21PM
Last Post by abc
Search FixtureType by WillyBsm 338 1 08/25/2022 07:38PM
Last Post by WillyBsm
Automatic Midifeedback loop by glad 11,134 62 08/12/2022 02:29PM
Last Post by Moses Fuchs
Dumped *ALL* LUA objects in the MA Attachments by Eric Kincl 3,257 9 08/09/2022 09:44PM
Last Post by speedyg
LUA get Key of Executor by Jonathan 575 3 07/08/2022 02:41PM
Last Post by Jonathan
Get active effect number by WillyBsm 460 1 07/02/2022 08:03AM
Last Post by WillyBsm
Lua string character spacing question by Tarac12 425 2 06/12/2022 03:41PM
Last Post by speedyg
Delete user profile with LUA script by speedyg 415 3 06/07/2022 06:52AM
Last Post by speedyg
Macros is interpreting set to be setup by speedyg 404 2 06/07/2022 01:50AM
Last Post by glad
Extract executor number by WillyBsm 558 10 06/01/2022 11:56PM
Last Post by speedyg
Lua basic tutorials by pyroaxel 10,110 38 05/19/2022 06:25AM
Last Post by speedyg
Trying to invert RotY and RotZ for an export to Depence2 Attachments by julien ferreiro 980 9 03/06/2022 01:20AM
Last Post by Bucky
Intercept goto or load window by WillyBsm 450 1 02/08/2022 06:05AM
Last Post by WillyBsm
UDP/TCP String Send Attachments by jabadger 4,326 26 01/31/2022 07:02AM
Last Post by AndreasHolm
unable to create file by WillyBsm 480 3 01/24/2022 10:13AM
Last Post by WillyBsm
LUA Multi Dimensional Arrays by MTRobin 697 3 01/10/2022 06:56PM
Last Post by MTRobin
Lua code encryption by lum 1,013 1 12/27/2021 08:01PM
Last Post by lum
Convert absolute address to address by WillyBsm 442 3 12/20/2021 03:56PM
Last Post by WillyBsm
How to assign image to macro in layout by mccready00 874 3 12/15/2021 07:20PM
Last Post by mccready00